Brake Performance


Better Modulation, Shorter Braking Distances and Increased Heat Tolerance

Rather than using the consistently failing attempts at reducing the temperature produced by braking, we rejected what has become accepted practice and instead increased the heat capacity of our materials. Our proprietary high Tg point resin is 30% higher than other “high” Tg resins. A rim that can withstand more heat leads to improved braking performance by allowing consistent heat build up rather than attempting to reduce heat which often decreases braking power.

Specially Formulated Brake Compund

Reduces braking distance by 28% compared to our Altair models

Specifically formulated to withstand the same heat our rims could take on, our brake pad compound is specifically formulated for TwentyFour Series wheelsets. Using a specially formulated rubber compound, durometer and friction agent, we developed a proprietary brake pad resulting in more consistent braking power and reduced braking distances over that of other carbon fiber wheelsets.