58/TwentyFour Aerodynamics

The 58/TwentyFour wheels were designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to produce a fast, robust drag profile over all angles of attack. 

FASTER Wind Tunnel

Hundreds of hours in the tunnel, 12 rim profile candidates, 500 platform rotations and 21 data points per reading, we tested using a protocol to pit our wheels against the most challenging environments. We took the top performing profiles, resulting in a 58/TwentyFour wheelset that produced off-the-chart results confirming a robust drag profile even in moderate to significant conditions. 

Course Modeling

Wind tunnel tests can tell us how fast wheels are at different angles of attack – but how common are these angles in the courses most important to our athletes? Blindly applying tunnel data to the unpredictable force of Mother Nature didn’t quite add up to us. We took our tunnel data one step further and broke down historical World Championship data on the Queen K into 1500 segments, mapping wind speeds, angles and race day conditions measuring the performance of our selected rim profiles every 394 feet.