Eurobike 2017 Mentions

Time flies and another Eurobike show is in the can. We had a lot of exciting conversation with dealers, distributors, and media outlets about new products you will be seeing launched over the next 12 months but by far the most head turning was our new Aeria Ultimate cockpit. The stem and bar are available now and you can see more info here. The hydration which we have been keeping secret so far is called the HSF/Aeria and should be available by the new year. When used together this combo can turn pretty much any ride into a superbike at a fraction of the cost. More info soon...


"Often, integration and fit options don’t go hand in hand. However, Profile’s new Ultimate aerobar paired with the HSF Hydration bottle helps bring your well-fitting standard bike into something very close to the integration of a superbike.
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"The Viper R is an update of the straight Viper with an integrated front hydration system developed with Profile Design and an integrated stem / bento box system. Ceepo claims that this results in “a 15% improvement in wind tunnel testing compared to the same Viper with a conventional race day setup”. Read more at

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